The 2016 state assessment results were again a sober reminder that student achievement is not as good as many people have been led to believe.  In Math, for example, only 11 percent of low income students in the 10th grade are on track to be college or career ready; just 34 percent of their more affluent peers are on track.  Results for English Language Arts (ELA) are only slightly better.  Compilation of district-level results for 4th grade, 8th grade and 10th grade English Language Arts can be seen here, and Math results are available here.  Links to the original Dept. of Education source data are included in both reports.

2016 state assessmentRelatively low levels of college and career readiness is very much a statewide issue.  Even in Blue Valley, often considered as having the ‘best’ results, barely half of their more affluent students are on track for college and career.

The 2016 state assessment results were similar to the 2015 results, which was the first year of a new state assessment system with four achievement levels:

  • Level 1 – below grade level
  • Level 2 – at grade level but still needs remedial training to be on track to be college and career ready
  • Level 3 – at grade level and on track to be college and career ready
  • Level 4 – at grade level and far exceeds expectations for college / career ready

state assessment trend


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