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General Fund Allocation to Education, Other Functions

Education, which includes K-12 (50.7 percent) and higher education (12.3 percent), will consume 63 percent of the General Fund budget.  Human Services accounts for the second largest piece (25.7 percent) and the remaining 11.3 percent is divided between Public Safety, General Government, Agriculture and Transportation.  Most transportation funding is in a different budget.  See Schedule 2.2 of the July Comparison Report for more details on the 2017 Approved Budget.

The General Fund is fully within the control of legislators; except for Motor Fuels sales tax, all tax revenue flows through the General Fund and they set all General Fund spending.  They approve the larger All Funds budget but it includes revenues that cannot be repurposed, including but not limited to federal funds, college fees and tuition and fees paid to licensing and regulatory boards.

SGF allocation chart

Medicaid Expansion

Is it true that over $1 billion of our tax dollars went to other states because Kansas didn’t expand Medicaid?

No.  That would only be true if the federal government set a pool of money aside for expansion and divided it among participating states, but Congress didn’t do that.  No ‘extra’ money went to states that expanded because no specific amount of money was set aside to be divided among participants.  And since the federal budget is running trillions of dollars of deficits, more Medicaid expansion would have required more borrowing and added to the national debt.

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