My school district says the Legislature isn’t providing enough money for the classroom.  How much is provided for classroom instruction?

There is no official category of ‘classroom funding’ under the block grant system or the old funding formula. The Legislature doesn’t decide how funds are to be allocated funds between classroom, administration, transportation or other cost centers.  There is a recommendation in state statute K.S.A. 72-64c01(a) that suggests 65% of all funding be spent on instruction or in the classroom, but spending decisions, including teacher pay, are all made by local school boards.  Some districts choose to devote less than 50 percent of spending to Instruction, for example, while others allocate 65 percent or more to Instruction.  Some funding is reimbursement of school spending (e.g., special education and bond & interest payment for eligible districts) but districts have considerable discretion over most funding sources; even capital aid can be used for some operating purposes.   Each district’s allocation to Instruction and other cost centers can be seen here.

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