The budget and large tax increase passed by the 2017 Legislature will increase General Fund spending by nearly $500 million between FY 2016 and FY 2019, topping out at another new record of $6.613 billion.

KLRD record spend

Contrary to many claims over the last few years, General Fund spending actually increased several times since tax cuts went into effect in 2013 and assuming inflation continues at its current pace, spending will consistently be $1.3 billion higher than long term inflation (BLS Consumer Price Index for Midwest Urban Cities on a fiscal year basis).

SGF spending inflation

Population growth may account for some spending changes, particularly in demographics such as school-aged children and seniors on social services, but infrastructure and other fixed costs of government need not change proportional to population.  But even if one adjusts for inflation and full population growth, Kansas is still budgeting to spend $625 million above that adjusted level in FY 2019.  General Fund spending $2,050 per capita this year by adjusting for inflation, but Kansas plans to spend $2,263 per capita based on consistent population growth.

SGF per capita inflation 19

General Fund spending by agency is available here, going back to 2005.

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