The most recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that Kansas is ranked #7 among the states for share of total school funding being provided by state government.  The Census report includes all state funding, not just the amount provided through the General Fund.

The 2014 funding reported by KSDE did not include $522.5 million in state-mandated property tax (20 mills in each district) that had erroneously been reported as Local Aid in state records until 2015. It was also discovered that Census inadvertently left the Shawnee Mission district out of its totals, but provided revised totals to Kansas Policy Institute.  This table properly reflects state-mandated property tax as State Aid.

state aid share #7

With the national average at 47 percent, Kansas is providing 65 percent of total funding through the State.   But even before the 20 mill reporting error was discovered, Kansas still had the highest rank in the region; as reported to Census for 2014, the State of Kansas provided 56 percent of total school funding and would have been ranked #16.

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